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Angelita Lagartos

Team Member

I am Angelita Lagartos. My friends and love ones call me Angel. I came here in Canada last March 10, 2012. I am a proud Filipina, wife, and mother of 2 sons ages 6 and 10. In the Philippines, I graduated Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics teaching math to middle school students. And here in Canada, I have a certification for Child Development Assistant.I had the opportunity to work as an Educational Assistant at Brooks Junior High School. It was challenging but it motivated me to improve myself and to have more patience. I also had the privilege to work with little kids at NICCS. I learned that kids will love and like you by showing your care and your love for them too. I am glad and fortunate that by doing this job I am helping the kids reach their full potential. As an educator the enjoyment and learning that I share are the rewards that I will treasure forever.

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