Lorraine Bernardino

Team Member

Hi, I’m Lorraine Bernardino. I come from one of the world’s largest archipelagos with more than 7000 islands, the Philippines. My daughter and I had the opportunity to enter Canada as permanent residents through the sponsorship of my husband, who at that time, was working at JBS. Two years later, me and my husband were blessed with a second child- a boy. I take pride in strong family ties as one of the Filipino values. I take care and support my family members genuinely.
I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education from Technological University of the Philippines in 2001. I also hold a Caregiving NC II Certificate from Pinnacle Health College Inc., Philippines. I currently hold an ECE Level 1 certification from Alberta Human Services but am working on my recertification to get an ECE Level 3 Certificate.
I had the opportunity to volunteer at Brooks Early Learning Academy and SPEC Association for Children and Families prior to joining Newell Integrated Child Care. I love working at NICCS because of my passion for caring and teaching children. I am looking forward to seeing and meeting more children and their families in the future.