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Staff Spotlight

Meet our Executive Director, Taylor Harris!

Hi, I am Taylor, and I am the Executive Director here at NICCS. I have known since a very young age that early learning was my passion. I started working in a childcare center immediately after high school while simultaneously completing my post-secondary education.

Over the last 10 years working in childcare, I completed my Early Learning and Child Care Diploma program with honors. I had the opportunity to work in multiple centers in our region in various positions. I am always eager to learn, and I value constant professional and personal development. In 2021 I completed the FLIGHT course (Alberta’s early learning curriculum framework) along with my colleagues. When I started leading the team at NICCS in 2019, I was immediately overwhelmed with the love and kindness I got from my team. I had never felt this kind of compassion at a workplace before. Once I met the families, children, and the Board, I felt such a high level of support and I quickly became passionate about helping NICCS become the high-quality learning center it is today. My job is incredibly rewarding in so many ways. I often look around at all the children in the center and think of how honored I am that so many families trust me with their children, and what a privilege that is to play such a vital role in a child’s life during those critical early years. My proudest moment of being Executive Director at NICCS is when we were nominated for and took home the Non-Profit of the Year Award for 2021. Other than being ED at NICCS, I also work with ARCQE as an early learning coach and I’m an active member of community and sector boards. In my free time I love hiking, fishing, biking and camping with my friends and family. Welcome to our center!

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